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Solutions To Take Your
Business to the Next Level

We design and deliver solutions customized to your business. We focus
on technology solutions that offer a great return on investment - that are
appropriate for where your company is now, but will also adapt to growth
and change in your business and industry.


Smart businesses of all sizes are making the cloud part of their IT strategy. At EuGenius, we only use offsite secure servers and storage from proven providers we know and trust, and we can walk you through the entire process from idea to execution.


Customized tech solutions can keep your team in sync – with your customers and with each other. Work seamlessly and efficiently as our team guides you through options like Cisco Webex, VoIP implementation and integration, Skype for Business (now Teams). Save time and money using affordable, reliable phone and videoconferencing. Our expert planning and ongoing support ensure reliable communication and smooth collaboration for everyone on your team, every day.

Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, EuGenius clients recover quickly. With dozens of industry leading certifications and expertise before, during, and after emergencies, our team will make sure your data is safe and accessible in the cloud - no matter what’s happening on the ground.


Your data – and your customers’ data – is precious. We approach security proactively, with knowledge of best practices from names you trust, like Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM. If legacy systems experience an attack or disruption, our trusted team will keep you safe and keep your business moving.


Overworked hardware and insecure servers put your data – and your business – at risk. Don’t leave your critical data in a digital ‘junk drawer’ – protect the integrity, privacy and security with a comprehensive solution customized for your needs.

Structured Cabling

Whether you’re renovating a charming ‘fixer upper’ office or planning for your Next Big Thing, the EuGenius team can create a solution that fits your needs today and tomorrow. Faster throughput means a more efficient, less frustrated team – ask us today for a quote for your workspace.